What’s the Most Haunted School in Maryland?

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In the good old days, you’d know there was a ghost by a spooky feeling, a sudden chill, or the hairs raising on the back of your neck. But these days it’s all about Ghost Science — Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC), and other paranormal detection equipment. And so, by the power vested in scientific anomalies, the Maryland Paranormal Research group has decided that the spookiest school in the state is….
…the terrifying University of Maryland! After analyzing 30-plus hours of video and 17 hours of audio taken at the school this past May, the group determined that “all campus locations visited appeared to be very active with multiple possible entities present…Expedition audio captured several instances of what appeared to be specific, direct, context-relevant and phrase and/or sentence-length responses to questions, as well as messages intended for one or more investigators.”  Spooooooky! Although the investigators didn’t see any apparitions, they found many other ominous signs of otherworldly Presence, including [just stop reading now if you’re easily scared] “the inexplicable repeated crashing of (normally stable) laptops.”

According to MPR, the two most-haunted buildings on campus are Morrill Hall (the only college building that survived the Fire of 1912) and the Rossborough Inn, which is allegedly haunted by “Miss Betty,” its Civll War-era manager.

And because even in ghost science, every study should be ratified with concurring experiments, it’s helpful (and horrifying!) to note that the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters had “inconclusive” spooky feelings when it visited the same buildings. “It is understandable that paranormal activity does not occur on cue,” the investigators reported.

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