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Brew at the Zoo, the annual festival allowing entrants to sample beer and wine and mingle with the critters at the Maryland Zoo, has come and gone. Tonight presents anyone who missed out with a rare second chance to imbibe in close proximity to animals, at the more streamlined Guinness at the Zoo.

Drawing inspiration from the vintage ads for the beer showing animals longingly looking at the Irish stout or trying to steal it, tonight’s event offers a chance to sip on some of the thick beer while hearing Guinness Brewery ambassadors discuss the historic campaigns alongside the real-life animals.

It’s anybody’s guess if the animals will try to make off with a pint or two, but you can make off with a few samples and light appetizers, as well as enjoying a guided tour.

5:30-8:30 p.m., Maryland Zoo, 1 Safari Place, (410) 396-7102,, $55.

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