Event Pick: Make your own tie-dye attire during Artscape

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Photo by Steven Falconer, via Wikimedia Commons

No doubt you’ll be surrounded by vibrant art and crafts at booths and museums this weekend for Artscape, but where can you actually make something of your own?

Station North’s Artist and Craftsman Supply is one fun, family-friendly option. The art supply store at the corner of N. Howard Street and W. North Avenue is hosting tie-dye demos for two hours, allowing you a chance to turn your plain-old white tees, socks or whatever else into some psychedelic attire.

It’s pretty much all fair game, store assistant Steve Booth said Friday: “Cotton is preferable, but we’ll try to do anything that you bring.”

White tees are available for purchase in-store if you can’t bring one from home. Everything else is provided at no cost–including the dyes, courtesy of art supply company Jacquard Products.

2-4 p.m., Artist & Craftsman Supply Baltimore, 137 W. North Ave., (410) 528-0003, Facebook event, free.

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