Event Pick: Play some trivia and help out the staff of Charles Village Pub

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The inside of Charles Village Pub.

Trivia nights are a dime a dozen, but it’s still fun to reach back for a random factoid or obscure piece of knowledge. Tonight, you can utilize your memory bank of useless things for a good cause at Peabody Heights Brewery, where proceeds from tonight’s trivia night will benefit the staff of Charles Village Pub. The popular bar was recently closed due to a grease fire, and many staff members are currently without work.

The cost is $10 per team, which the brewery says it will donate in addition to 20 percent of bar sales. So even the act of drinking is being put to good use. The top teams will receive $50, $40 or $30 bar cash.

7-9:30 p.m., Peabody Heights Brewery, 401 E. 30th Street, (410) 467-7837, peabodyheightsbrewery.com.

Brandon Weigel

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