The last week has been rainy and miserable, making everything wet and gross, and all of Baltimore deserves a drink. One World Cafe is doing its part with a tasting of the most potent kind: tequila.

But this isn’t some sloppy booze fest; rather, it is a tasting of very fine tequilas guided by a professional. And that’s just fine, because good tequila is meant to be savored, not slammed back to get blotto, as you might do with Montezuma.

Along with the tasting, guests will receive a “welcome margarita”–and what better welcome is there than that?–and access to a taco and quesadilla bar. We’ve all earned it.

5-8 p.m., One World Cafe, 100 W. University Parkway, (410) 235-5777, $45.

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Brandon Weigel

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