Event Pick: Sip bubbly and eat fried chicken at Chez Hugo Bistro

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This holiday might not have been on your calendar, but today is actually National Fried Chicken Day. If you’re like me, you neglected to celebrate for lunch, but are eyeing a chicken box for supper. For those hoping to honor the occasion with some more refinement, Chez Hugo Bistro has you covered.

Tonight, the downtown French restaurant is serving up a gourmet take on fried chicken, and to wash it down, the bistro is offering specials on champagne. There will also be caviar, plus French sides from the kitchen of chef Steve Monnier.

In less than half a year, Monnier’s restaurant has earned a reputation for producing stellar cuisine while, as our very own Kit Pollard noted in her review, “straddl[ing] the line between the old-school, white-tablecloth notions of high-end French cuisine and the new, more democratic approach to ‘good’ food.” Exhibit A: this oddly complementary pairing of bird and bubbly.

5-9 p.m., reservation recommended, 206 E. Redwood St., Baltimore, (443) 438-3002, chezhugobistro.com.

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