Event pick: ‘The Eyeslicer Halloween Special,’ a trippy collection of horror shorts, screens at The Parkway

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If you’re not already making plans to watch a lineup horror flicks this month, you’re slacking. Halloween is four weeks away, and there’s no shortage this year of major releases–and all of the classics screening on TV, of course–to get you all jumpy and spooked ahead of the holiday.

But if you’re not into full-length tales of slashers, psychological torment, demons or what have you, The Parkway might have the answer for you this month. The theater is screening “The Eyeslicer Halloween Special,” a special collection of shorts by more than a dozen filmmakers—most of them women—produced by Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf. The series, per its own description, includes a “coming of age story set on the eve of Ted Bundy’s execution,” a “supercut about the gendered dangers of the bathtub,” a tale of a woman (played by Carrie Coon) unable to escape a Red Lobster commercial and a Halloween party where two buddies take acid and encounter a ghost. It should be a weird time, as this trailer implies.

Creators Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell have said in a statement, published on The Parkway’s website, that their collection should remind viewers of the “Treehouse of Horror” series” from “The Simpsons, as well as old horror movies they watched growing up; they also dubbed it a “mindf—” that should hold value beyond the nostalgia factor.

Tonight’s the second screening here in Baltimore, after last night’s premiere. If you can’t make it, there will be others on Oct. 16 and Oct. 22.

10 p.m., The Parkway Theater, 5 W. North Avenue, (443) 438-6144, mdfilmfest.com/film/the-eyeslicer-halloween. $10.

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