Event Pick: Vent Coffee and Union Craft Team Up for a Tasting

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There’s a conventional reason to drink coffee and then beer in that order throughout your day, but today, Vent Coffee Roasters and Union Craft Brewing will show why the drinks need not be mutually exclusive.

The companies’ collaborative tasting event, titled “Baltimore Brews,” will be held at Union Craft’s headquarters in Woodberry. Tasters will first try three coffees from Vent, followed by three original beers from Union, and then three coffee beers made by both companies. The first of the coffee beers is the AM Gold, an American cream ale made with roasted Vent coffee beans; the second is the Coffeehaus, a German-style brown ale made with light roast coffee; and the third is the Pajama Pants, a timely winter oatmeal stout being released tomorrow.

Sarah Walker will lead the tastings, which are complimentary (but unfortunately sold out). Walker founded Vent several years ago after learning all about the coffee trade on the West Coast. Her roastery is among several local firms that have signed on to be part of the Union Collective, a Baltimore-centric manufacturing hub that Union has built out new to its new, larger headquarters at the edge of Woodberry and Medfield.

While the complimentary tasting tickets are all sold out, beer and coffee will still be for sale, and guests can be among the first to enjoy Union’s newly tapped Pajama Pants. A portion of proceeds will go to support refugee work in Baltimore.

Noon to 5 p.m. at Union Craft Brewing.

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