Ever Heard of the Board of Legislative Reference? Neither Have Some of Its Members

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It’s great that Baltimore has a board to oversee the performance of the city’s ethics director, but it would be even better if it held meetings. The Board of Legislative Reference is made up of the mayor, city solicitor, a university president, a couple deans, director of the Enoch Pratt, and a member of City Council — except, there’s no one from City Council currently serving (until recently, most members didn’t even know what the Board of Legislative Reference was), and no one can remember the board holding a meeting since the ’90s.

Which is too bad, because if, let’s say, ethics director Avery Aisenstark were providing legal services to developers with “significant business interests before city agencies” or if he weren’t actually “collecting and maintaining the financial disclosure forms filed by city officials” correctly, the Board of Legislative Reference would be the group to decide what to do with him.

Maybe they should form some kind of  board to oversee the board that oversees the ethics director, you know, just to keep everyone accountable.

(For his part, Aisenstark says his legal work for developers doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest. He should know, right?)

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