Lobby of Lord Baltimore Hotel, with white walls, many comfortable chairs and couches, crystal chandelier.
Photo from Lord Baltimore Hotel Instagram page.

Halloween might feel far away, but the historic Lord Baltimore Hotel is helping people get into the spirit for National Ghost Hunt Day on Sept. 30.

The hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the United States and will again partner with the ghost-hunting team of Get Haunted to host a ghost hunt on National Ghost Hunt Day.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel has been featured on several “most haunted hotels” lists, including those from The Daily Meal, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Country Living, and Oprah Magazine. BuzzFeed named the hotel “The Scariest Place” in Maryland.

Oprah Magazine wrote of the hotel,

Built in 1928, the Lord Baltimore Hotel has been rife with alleged hauntings. During the Great Depression, its 19th floor rooftop deck had at least twenty documented cases of people taking their lives by jumping off, while one of the most famous stories includes a couple who attended an event at the hotel with their daughter before jumping off together. Their daughter Molly supposedly roams the halls to this day, wearing a white dress and carrying a red ball. Another incident involves a child’s handprint in one of the hotel penthouses that (allegedly) can’t be erased. In addition to the 19th floor and one of the penthouses, the 8th floor and Calvert Ballroom are also supposedly haunted, according to numerous paranormal teams.

The hotel itself is known for its elegance and significant architecture, “oil paintings, an award-winning vaulted fresco ceiling, and an immense glass chandelier,” according to a press release for the event.

USA Today recognized the Lord Baltimore Hotel as one of the “10 Best Historic Hotels” and the Historic Hotels of America listed it as a “Best City Center Historic Hotel.”

National Ghost Hunt Day is held on the last Saturday of each September, kicking off an enthusiastic start to each new Halloween season.

“Its noble intention is to globally observe the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the novice, curious, experts and professionals that investigate paranormal activity in these iconic locations!” the press release reads.

This year, all ticket sales from the event will benefit There Goes My Hero, an organization that seeks to save lives, provide hope and help those impacted by blood cancer by adding potential donors to the National Bone Marrow Registry and by partnering with local hospitals to provide a support system to patients including assistance with the unanticipated costs of treatment such as meals, parking, co-pays and lodging.

Members of Get Haunted will lead the event beginning at 8 p.m., and attendees will explore four different sections of the more than 90-year-old hotel for ghostly activities. Two of the sections to be explored are said to have heightened supernatural activities.

Participation in the National Ghost Hunt Day event is $40 per person, and100% of the ticket sales will go to There Goes My Hero.

Doors and registration open at 7 p.m., and the event is expected to be sold out.

Purchase tickets through Eventbrite by clicking this link.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel is also offering a discounted guest room rate for participants in the National Ghost Hunt Day event. You can make reservations online by clicking this link.

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