Experts Predict a Snowy Winter for Baltimore

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Officially, of course, it’s too soon to call — but since weathermen (and weatherwomen) like to make wild claims months in advance, they’re already warning Baltimoreans to be prepared for an extra snowy winter this year.
Baltimore’s average winter snowfall amounts to just over 20 inches per year — although, of course, one massive storm can totally distort those statistics, as we all found out a couple years ago. And although no one’s claiming we’ll see Snowpocalypse 2.0, the weather experts at are predicting an “above-normal” snowfall for the mid-Atlantic (as well as the Northeast and central and southern Appalachians). Chicago and Minneapolis will be happy to hear that they’re in line for a milder than average winter.

How, exactly, do these weather psychics — sorry, we mean scientists — make such far-off predictions? Well, they look at the impact of weather patterns (including the infamous El Nino, which seems to be arriving in a weaker form this year), and argue that a strong southern jet stream will be the cause of the future snow.

“The last couple of [storm] systems have really been a harbinger of what we expect this coming season,” says meterologist Mark Paquette. “You often see winter tips it cards this time of year.” Accuweather predicts that the biggest snowstorms will hit later in the winter, probably January 2013. You may as well stock up on your batteries and bottled water now.

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