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Today Is Your Sidewalk Shoveling Deadline, Baltimore

Snowzilla eats a car in Maryland. Photo by Aude.
Snowzilla eats a car in Maryland. Photo by Aude.

If you’re reading this and your sidewalk is still an icy, snow-packed mess, then stop what you’re doing and go pick up a snow shovel.

Did a Male Model Shovel Your Snow? If Not, You Missed Out



Funny things happen in blizzards. Sometimes those funny things include odd Craigslist offers.

The Kindness of Somewhat Scary Strangers: A Winter’s Tale


See what happens when University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik locks her keys in her car in the dead of winter in the middle of nowhere with a baby on board…

As we head into what is supposed to be a more serious winter than last year, I give thanks again that I have moved to Baltimore. When I lived in rural Pennsylvania with a very long, extremely hilly, unpaved driveway, a big snow could cut our family off from outside contact for days. Here in town it’s the opposite. The bigger the blizzard, the longer the party. I met most of my friends in the neighborhood during Snowpocalypse in 2010, and now I almost (but not quite) look forward to the possibility of a repeat.

Experts Predict a Snowy Winter for Baltimore


Officially, of course, it’s too soon to call — but since weathermen (and weatherwomen) like to make wild claims months in advance, they’re already warning Baltimoreans to be prepared for an extra snowy winter this year.