Lacrosse, College Acceptances and Other Spring Obsessions

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    This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks!  Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

    Forgive me, lacrosse nation, I had no idea what FOGO was. When a neighbor told me pridefully that she was hiring a private FOGO coach for her son I had an internal conversation in my mind that went like this:  Oversharenting much? Save it for Facebook. Don’t tell me about this weird medical condition.

    Turns out, silly rabbit — I’ll probably have to revoke my  Baltimore County residency —  FOGO is a lacrosse term for the first battle of the game for possession of the ball, a technical feat involving the clam, the jam, and the rake. It means face off and get off, which to the long married, means something entirely different.

    The American robin, a harbinger of spring, is migrating north to the private school fields looking for worms. Listen to its dawn song. The forsythia was in full bloom in Williamsburg, Virginia when we went to the Wolf Lodge which was like being stuck inside Chuck E. Cheese’s on steroids with an indoor water park.

    Lacrosse is in full swing around here. My son, 10, wants nothing to do with a mouth guard and helmet and I’m like, Honey, please. GOFO. I mean FOGO. I mean get out on the field with those robins and smack someone who is nine or ten with your stick.

    Also everyone is bananas about spring break and college acceptance rates. “Relax! Where you go to college doesn’t seal your fate.” For example, the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz went to Northern Michigan University and is now trying to sell lattes and conversations about race. Elon Musk (UPenn) wants driverless cars. People with or without degrees made a Lego animation of Eddie Izzard’s famous comedy sketch “Cake or Death.” The point is: the key to success is not a piece of paper, it’s grit. (Just watch the video.)

    There are solar storms causing the Northern Lights far further south. “The Milky Way is flush with habitable planets” reports Discovery News and there’s water everywhere including on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, and possibly within my lifetime we’ll make capital C Contact with other life in this universe and we will rejoice because the research is in and it’s incontrovertible: Loneliness kills.

    Let’s not face off and get off too soon.


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    1. Love this post. Have lived in Baltimore County for 15 years, had three children graduate from high school (including benchwarmers on lacrosse teams) and didnt know what a FOGO was.

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