Are You a ‘Fat, Lazy, Sorry Couch Quarterback?’ Don’t Talk to Steve Smith

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Steve Smith
Steve Smith. Photo by Keith Allison.

In case you have any opinions about the Ravens’ 23-15 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday (a blow to the team’s postseason chances), you may want to keep them to yourself. At the very least, don’t tell them to Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith. He doesn’t want to hear it.

Smith was apparently not in the mood for criticism after the game. The Baltimore Sun documented this choice quote:

“We expect and understand and anticipate all of the negative feedback and all of the fat, lazy, sorry couch quarterbacks are going to come out. We expect that and understand that. We’re not going to pay attention to it.”

Instead of giving his own take on Ravens’ offense, Smith told reporters he’d rather they “write it and then I can tell you how much bulls— it is. All right? OK?”


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