Final Fridays with Station North: Bike Chains and Dirty Dancing

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Do you like hair metal and the Transformers? How about “The Cosby Show” and acid-washed jeans? Do you remember seeing E.T. in theaters, or at least wish you did? If you just read that and thought “gnarly” or “tubular!” then get like tooooh-tally psyched for the Baltimore Bike Party.

The last Friday of this month, the 29th, Station North, the people who brought us Open Walls, is teaming up with the Baltimore Bicycle Works and the Streetcar Museum to bring Baltimore a righteous 80’s-themed Bike Party. Bikers will assemble at 7pm around the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon (the big tower right near the Walters), bike around the city, and eventually end up at the Streetcar Museum for music and beer and I’m assuming heated conversations over the merits of riding BMX versus Fixie.

Autobots! Dress up like idiots and bike around Baltimore!

The event is free to everyone, and as long as you have a bike/know how to stay on it, the Baltimore Bike Party would love to welcome you and your best neon spandex.

You can find more information and updates on the event here.

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