Rachel Samakow and Hirsh Ament went to an Associated IMPACT event looking to get more involved in the Jewish Community and ended up finding their happily ever after.

How did you meet?

Rachel: Hirsh and I met at the tail end of IMPACT’s Sips and Sweets event in 2018. Jen Liberman (at the time Arman), who I had become friends with a bit earlier that night, came over to me and said there’s another lawyer in the room who wanted to meet me. She then gave an amazing qualifier stating while she hadn’t met him before tonight, she ‘works out with his mother, who is a doll.’ We ended up grabbing a drink that night.

Hirsh: We met at the end of an Associated event. After seeing Rachel from across the room throughout the evening, a mutual friend noticed and insisted on making an introduction. Rachel and I started talking and things were going so well I asked (insisted) on a drink. Three plus years later we’re getting married.

What brought the two of you together/what connected you to each other?

Rachel: It’s probably fair to say the Associated brought us together- if not for that event, and Jen, we may not have met! As far as what connected us to each other, having the law and Judaism in common was a really easy conversation starter. As far as what kept the conversation going, I know for me it’s Hirsh’s authenticity, and his wicked dry humor. He’s truly the most genuine person I know.  

Hirsh: The short answer is an Associated function, a friend and a drink. We are connected by our shared interests in travel, family, movies and general curiosity for life and it doesn’t hurt that Rachel is the most kind, caring and empathic individual I have ever met.

The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.