First-Ever Shark Attack at Rehoboth

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Note: this is not the shark in question....
Note: this is not the shark in question….

Planning to go to the beach this weekend? Maybe you shouldn’t read on any farther. Because Rehoboth just recorded its first-ever shark attack (don’t worry, the kid who got bit is okay), and a shark-tracker has spotted a great white traveling between Virginia Beach and Ocean City. But shark attacks are really rare, and you probably shouldn’t let that stop you from getting in the water. Right? RIGHT?

The good news is, the Rehoboth attack was fairly tame (for a shark attack). According to Fox Baltimore, a sixteen-year-old was swimming in about five and a half feet of water when a shark swam by and bit his left arm. The boy hit the shark with his other arm (!!), and the shark released him and swam away. The kid needed a bunch of stitches, but his injuries were not life threatening.

It’s hard not to get a little panicky when it comes to sharks, but as this website points out, it’s important not to be too inflammatory when it comes to shark coverage. But still: be careful out there, swimmers!

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