Over the past year, many of us have spent more time on a computer than ever before– shared documents, video conferences, and more. Even our children have made this change – with virtual and hybrid school prevalent across our area. So while it may seem like a weird summer to sign your child up for a Creative Technology Camp, here are 5 reasons why you should:

  1. A blend of indoor and outdoor time: Summer at Friends’ Creative technology camps feature both indoor and outdoor activities including use of our 35+ acre campus and daily swimming.
  2. Something new and different: Innovative programs allow campers to try new subject areas such as architecture, photography, videography, digital editing, modeling, design; in a supportive and low stress environment.
  3. A fun community: As camp groups try new experiences, they also have the opportunity to grow and learn while making new friendships – in person!
  4. Tailored to your child’s interests: Creative Technology programs feature lots of self-paced activity time, allowing campers to explore projects that they find most interesting.
  5. Lots of choices: Summer at Friends offers 5 exciting creative technology camps. Choose Tech Tapas if you want a small sampling of a variety of topics. Or choose one of our other exciting options: Builders & Makers (combining makerspace with architecture), Pix & Flix (combining stop-motion animation, photography, and video) or one of our popular Robots & Rockets Camps!

Summer at Friends is offering a variety of in-person camp experiences this summer. To learn more about the 2021 Summer Programs, including COVID safety protocols visit www.fscamp.org or contact the Camp Office at summercamp@friendsbalt.org.

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