Fleeing Suspect Escapes His Own Rescue After Falling Through a Roof

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Fleeing suspect escapes his own rescue
Ramsay Street, Southwest Baltimore

On Sunday, firefighters spent seven hours attempting to rescue a male who fell two stories through the roof of a dilapidated Southwest Baltimore rowhome, only to find that the man had disappeared.

Police had witnessed the male (who has not been identified and whose age is not known) engaging in “drug activity” and attempted to arrest him. He fled and climbed to the top of an abandoned rowhome on the 1900 block of Ramsay Street. The roof caved in under his feet, and he fell to the first floor where he was pinned by debris.

That was 9 a.m. The fire department was called in, and firefighters worked for hours building wooden supports right on the street to keep the building from collapsing further during the rescue. At 4 p.m., they realized he was gone.

Baltimore City Fire Capt. Roman Clark told the Baltimore Sun that they don’t know when or how the suspect/victim managed to escape his rescue/arrest.

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