Fork & Cork Dinner Series with Wit & Wisdom, AGGIO and Fleet Street Kitchen

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Pairing wine can sometimes be lost on me. I have a few friends who work in the wine business and when I’m with them, obviously, I am not in charge of the wine. I follow, they lead – and I like it. But all the while, I’m paying attention, learning (sometimes taking notes, photos of the plate and the wine bottle, etc…which helps my visual mind.) Then, when I go out with friends, I’m not feeling so lost when they hand me the wine list. If I’m at a place with a sommelier, I leave it to them. That is their job. And when a really great sommelier chooses a glass of wine for me, I get it. I totally get it.

When I heard about the Fork & Cork Dinner Series, I was intrigued. Here’s the deal: Wit & Wisdom, AGGIO and Fleet Street Kitchen are doing three 4-course dinners highlighting each restaurant’s executive chef and sommelier. The events will be offered once a month in August, September and October, once at each chef’s designated “home” restaurant. The executive chefs will rotate which courses they serve during the series, with the host chef and sommelier responsible for the entrée course and pairing, and the host’s pastry chef and sommelier presenting the final course.

This unique dinner series brings together Chef Zack Mills of Wit & Wisdom, Chef Bryan Voltaggio of AGGIO and Chef Chris Becker of Fleet Street Kitchen. Each chef will be accompanied by their restaurant’s sommelier, Julie Dalton, Chris Coker and Tim Riley, respectively, to allow guests to enjoy the full experience at each restaurant without leaving their seats. And, just to be clear, all six sommeliers and chefs will be at all three dinners – which is pretty cool. This never happens.

This delicious series will give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at each restaurant’s extensive wine offerings–some of the best in Baltimore with rare seasonal favorites. To add a level of difficultly to the series, sommeliers will only have access to each menu one day in advance. All three sommeliers will share wine cellars and select pairings the day of the event at the host restaurant, taking into consideration the savory and sweet taste profiles featured in the executive chef’s dish.

This inaugural event is the first time these three locally born chefs (yay, Maryland!) and their sommeliers will collaborate, with the series kicking off at Wit & Wisdom on August 18. At the event, guests will have the opportunity to have an amazing meal, as well as meet these award-winning chefs and sommeliers. Guests that purchase tickets to all three dinners will receive a $25 gift card to each restaurant and a chance to win dinner for two at all of them.

Only a few seats are left for each dinner…get your tickets now!

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