Brass Elephant

The Brass Elephant — which the Baltimore Sun once called “Baltimore’s most beautiful restaurant” before it closed in 2009 — may reopen as a restaurant, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

If you were hoping against hope that the Brass Elephant would one day be restored to “its former glory,” you should be thankful that the N. Charles Street property was just sold to Steven and Linda Rivelis. The two were regulars at the restaurant and were the first to be married there, and they said their motivation in purchasing the building was to “bring it back” — as in bring back the chandeliers, the marble, the elegance!

The Rivelises have never run a restaurant before (they’re in business consulting) and have yet to determine exactly what the place will be like. They do own the name Brass Elephant. So that’s a start.

The Brass Elephant space was a “House of the Day” on Baltimore Fishbowl last year. So, feel free take a peek inside.