Former Michigan Governor Threatens O’Malley Over “Crown” Comment: “He’d Better Watch It”

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Martin O'Malley
O’Malley, just before he said the unthinkable.

Martin O’Malley finally delivers a glancing blow to potential Democratic presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton, and just look at the grief he gets: a condescending threat from former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and some kind of non-committal reprimand from Sen. Ben Cardin.

When O’Malley gave his opinion that “[t]he presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families,” I thought it was the first indication since his vague “triangulation” comments last month that he’s going to make an earnest attempt at the nomination. Which is to say, these two “jabs” at Clinton strike me as about as un-fierce as O’Malley could get and still look like he’s actually trying.

But, for some, these statements crossed the line. Granholm, senior adviser to the Ready for Hillary PAC, responded to the “crown” comment with a cheesy threat. “Martin O’Malley, I mean he’s a very nice guy,” she said, “and, you know, I was thinking that he might make a nice member of a President Clinton administration. So he’d better watch it.”

Maryland Sen. Cardin, on With All Due Respect, called O’Malley “a very talented person” and said he hoped “that in the course of the primary that he would bring our party together, not try to divide us.” I’m sure if O’Malley were in the room with him, Cardin would have ended his little lecture with a paternal pat on the head.

Do they even know what a primary is? If Clinton is nominated, do they have any idea the kinds of things her opponent is going to throw at her?


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