This Thursday, February 23rd — at 7 p.m. — come to MICA to experience the experimental dance troupe Racoco/Rx, about whom John Rockwell of The New York Times raved, “[Watching Racoco/Rx is] like being lost in a fun-house mirror, sweet and innocent and threatening all at once.”

The show, titled Would/A Body, is free and open to the public. And the group sounds very rad + entirely original. In their hands — and arms and legs — movement, sculpture and music all three interact. The members, in their own words, create “fantastic excavations of ordinary things: visually exciting theatrical experiences in which movement, music, sets/costumes, humor, and emotion are inextricably linked.”

Choreographer Rachel Cohen and Racoco/Rx were invited to perform at MICA as part of the Department of Humanistic Studies Multi-Media guest series.

Brooklyn-based Racoco/Rx, led by Cohen, “will perform two of its unusual interactions with inanimate materials, featuring music by composers Lynn Wright and Chris Becker and featuring live accompaniment by Israeli bassoonist Gili Sharett. 

In Tilt (excerpt; this will be the first public performance), performers interact with a wooden environment in an exploration of delusion, in a narrative loosely based on Don Quixote. Performers build, dismantle, and reconfigure the set and props around themselves in a physical manifestation of the emotional and psychological structures we build, tear down, and re-create around ourselves. The costumes will incorporate wood, tools, and sandpaper, interacting with the wearer and set and adding to the soundscape. 

Thrown (2006) is a deconstructed creation myth, a tactile excavation of the human body and its relation to the earth through the medium of clay. In a performance that is part museum diorama, part excavation, and part ritual, dancers and clay artists mine the physical and metaphysical connections between earth and the body through movement, sculpture, music, and the interaction of these three art forms.”

When: Thursday, February 23 @ 7 pm

Where: The Gateway: BBOX, 1601 W. Mount Royal Ave

Price: Free!

More information online or call 410-225-2300.

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