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Courtesy Groonn/Flickr

Few things can transport some of us back to childhood quite like looking at old National Geographic covers. This Thursday, a renowned nature photographer for that time-honored magazine is asking us to do something similar by looking back at the outside world as we did as children to remember what’s worth saving.

Jeff Mauritzen has been traveling the globe snapping images of nature and wildlife for years for Nat Geo. He’s lectured and served as a guide on expeditions planned by Nat Geo. But this Thursday, he’s bringing his global perspective to Baltimore for “Looking at the World with Wonder,” the newest installment of the National Aquarium’s Marjorie Lynn Bank lecture series.

The idea behind the photography lecture is that allowing ourselves to be filled with the same sense of awe at the natural world that children have “can inspire us to be better environmental stewards.” It makes sense: It’s easy for us to become more jaded over time as we watch climate change and environmentally harmful practices destroy the world around us with ease. But as children, the outrage-filled question would be more apparent: Why should we allow that to happen?

“Being exposed to many of these environments that are ‘on the brink’ has taught me that we need to take responsibility for our actions,” Maritzen said in a Q&A published by the National Aquarium. “I find with many people that there is this sense of hopelessness. We can’t just write off environmental issues as those that our individual actions cannot impact or are too much work to undertake.”

“Looking at the World with Wonder” takes place on Thursday, Nov. 10, from 6:30-830 p.m. It’s free to the public, but requires registration. Click here to reserve your tickets.

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