Friday Links: Md. Cannibal Incompetent to Stand Trial, Bedbugs at Sinai, David Simon on Mitt Romney and more

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Md. Cannibal Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial – The Baltimore Sun
City Panel Recommends Approval of Rotunda Redevelopment – The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore County Residents Complain About BGE Response After Derecho at Hearing – The Baltimore Sun
Bedbugs Discovered at Sinai Hospital – The Baltimore Sun
Michael Phelps Back on Wheaties Box – The Baltimore Business Journal
Pit Bull Attacks Child, is Killed by Harford County Deputy Sheriff – The Baltimore Business Journal
David Simon Mocks Mitt Romney for Admitting he Pays at Least 13 Percent in Taxes – Gawker
The Rich vs. the Superich in Two Charts – The Atlantic

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