Friday’s Healthy Eating Challenge from Relay Foods and RPEMS – Eat the Rainbow!

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Friday’s Challenge: Eat the Rainbow!

Relay Foods and Roland Park Elementary Middle School‘s Healthy Eating Challenge is almost over. You’ve almost completed all of the challenges! Today’s activities focus on the importance of trying new produce. You can eat the rainbow—the fruit and veggie rainbow!

Try this in class: Did you know that the color of a fruit or vegetable tells you what types of nutrients are in it? By eating all of the colors of the rainbow, we can get all of the nutrients our bodies need to pay attention in class and run our fastest at recess! See if you can name four fruits or vegetables for each color of the rainbow. Write them down on your worksheet!

Try this at home: Make and eat a vibrant, colorful salad or yogurt parfait! Make your delicious creation as colorful as possible. Need a suggestion? Try Relay’s Rainbow Salad!

Get movin’: Pretend you’re picking cherries from the highest tree and putting them all in a bucket! You’ll have to jump high to get them! Gather 100 imaginary cherries.

Game time! Let’s practice matching fruits and veggies to their pictures and naming them as well. Click here and try playing both the Fruit & Veggie Matching Game and the Naming Game.

Have fun trying new fruits and veggies!

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