Euhnee Kim, 38. Photos by Lee Kriel.

What do you do ?
I’m a hair stylist and a shamaness!

What’s a shamaness?
I do healing work. I try to manipulate a person’s
energy and help release it. I travel to Brazil
twice a year to study and learn.

So how important is fashion to you?
I am not too materialistic. I am more spiritual.
I believe your essence should show through.
Because you can’t see inside a person, you must show your spirit
on the outside. So what I wear reflects that.

You have beautiful hair. Isn’t it true if your hair doesn’t look good
it doesn’t matter what you are wearing?!
You’ve heard that expression, ” Your hair is your crown and glory”?
When I style hair, I always keep that in mind!

Our hair is our best accessory.