Future Islands Adds Two More Nights of Ottobar Shows for ‘The Far Field’ Album Release

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Future Islands performing in Germany in 2015. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Baltimore trio Future Islands has thrown a bone to hometown fans by adding two more shows at the Ottobar after the first one sold out.

The band announced earlier this week that it had opened a lottery for tickets to a surprise April 7 album release show at the Ottobar, a venue that fits somewhere between 300 and 350 people. Inevitably, the concert sold out when tickets went up for sale this morning. Luckily, the group decided today to offer a pair of additional shows at the Charles Village venue on Saturday, April 8, and Sunday, April 9.

Future Islands, comprising Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion and Samuel T. Herring, will release its fifth full-length album, “The Far Field,” on April 7 and perform it live for the first time to a sold-out Baltimore crowd before embarking on a world tour. After the three shows at the Ottobar, the trio will play everywhere from Coachella to Glasgow, U.K., and Stockholm for the next eight months, making a couple trips home to the States but only coming as close as Philadelphia.

The trio put out the single, “Ran,” in early February and followed it with a second called “Cave” on March 24. Here’s the video for the latter, filled with plenty of futuristic effects on studio drums and synths, pleading vocals and a full-on sign language translation.

Tickets for the extra two shows go on sale this Friday at 9 a.m. No need to fret if you didn’t get tickets to the April 7 show; at least you’ll have time to listen through “The Far Field” so you can sing along that weekend.

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