It’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives; the errands we have to run, the little annoyances like traffic or Turbo Tax freezing can make life seem miserable.  Then there is the inevitable jolt of perspective that knocks us back into reality.  The little annoyances are just that – annoyances.  They aren’t insurmountable challenges, and we’ll likely make it through just fine.

Tonight, let that jolt be Passport, the play that garnered critical acclaim at the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival last August.  Passport, “tells the story of an international aid worker trapped  in a hotel room during the 2007 Kenyan election that left over 1,100 people dead and 600,000 displayed.”  It was written by local playwright Kevin Kostic, and after the performance, there will be a discussion on Kenyan humanitarian issues.  Funds will be raised to benefit Catholic Relief Services.

Monday March 18, 2013

Fells Point Corner Theatre
251 Anne St
Baltimore, MD

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