FroYo fans, rejoice. A new TCBY opened in Belvedere Square in April, one of only three in the area—the others, in Timonium and Columbia, were such a hike that I often opted for heavy premium ice cream. It’s actually not my first choice, for flavor or nutrition.

I grew up in the 80s eating frozen yogurt fanatically, during its first waffle-cone-bearing swirl of popularity (H.P. Hood originally introduced the stuff in England in the 1970s, tagging his concoction Frogurt). And have been frustrated in recent years by the lack of abundant yogurt options around Baltimore. Thank goodness, tart/minimal yogurt chains like Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Blush have driven “FroYo’s” demand, and beckoned numerous competitors. (Tart yogurt is a throwback to Hood’s original recipe; the flavor might take a minute to grow on you, but trust one dedicated yogurt aficionado: Yum.)

Anyway, if you dig frozen yogurt, there’s much to love about this new TCBY. The décor is space-age-retro adorable and the cups serve-yourself—rare for TBCY—which means you can dish a tiny or tremendous bowl of good-for-you dessert, any day of the week.

Best of all, TCBY, too, has caught this less sweet, fat-free “tart yogurt” fad creaming the country, and now offers its own similarly clean, minimal flavor they’ve labeled Classic Tart. TCBY’s stab at the recipe is a total success, I’m pleased to report. And at 90 calories per four ounces, the stuff is a smart snack, though still pretty sugary (17 grams), and it tastes as terrific as Pinkberry, if not a bit more silky + ice-cream-esque.

Other TCBY-traditional flavors, like White Chocolate Mousse and chocolate-and-vanilla-swirled, are always on handle, plus certain sugar-free and dairy-free options.

TCBY products contain at least seven types of live and active cultures, which can aid digestion and bolster one’s immune system. While I like the wholesome idea, I care less about the bacterial benefits than the cool deliciousness of the lightweight cream, and the fact that I can eat a great big cup for fewer calories and way less fat than ice cream.

Oh, if you’ve caught Classic Tart fever, be sure to try the fantastic frozen yogurt at Evergreen on Cold Spring, and at Mr. Yogato in Fells Point. It’ll nearly make you pucker—which means I highly recommend.