The Gift: 80 Acres Body Balm

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    The Gift

    What It Is: These three varieties of body balm are made by 80 Acres. And according to the proprietors of E.N. Olivier, it’s hands down the most amazing thing you can put on parched skin.  Each balm is 97% organic, with five easy to read natural ingredients.  We love that. It’s is perfect for elbows and hands and feet and even makes a lovely all natural eye cream.  Comes in three all natural scents that will sooth and invigorate without overpowering. The folks at E.N. Olivier know everything one can know about oil, so if they’re endorsing something, you know it’s good. Available at E.N. Olivier. $24.

    Who It’s Perfect For:

    The Perennially Stressed: Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take a personal day when life reaches a boiling point. And an entire day or weekend retreat at the spa? Forget it. But even the busiest among us can (must) carve out a few minutes for an extra long, hot shower, or even (if we’re really lucky) a bath. A luxurious product like this can be just the thing to help bring a little relaxation and zen to anyone for whom “down time” isn’t on the horizon.

    The Brokenhearted: Close gal pal going through a bad breakup? Oof. We’ve all been there, and we know how hard it can be to pick up the pieces and move on. Sure, we’re all entitled to a week or two of showing up to work like we just rolled out of bed (because we did), but at some point, it’s time to embrace self love and self care and get back to looking and feeling like your usual fabulous self. A balm this good may not technically soothe the heart– but we think the good vibes of treating yourself well can soak in pretty deep.

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