Halcyon Vases

Halcyon House Antiques has such a delightful assortment of these vases and cachepots from Barbara Eigen that choosing one as a gift couldn’t be easier. From classic to funky to playful, there’s one for every style, suiting a variety of budgets.

Who it’s perfect for:

A solo-living house warming. Whether a friend has just moved into a new apartment, or bought their first home, these lovely vases are so simple that they won’t intrude on anyone’s design sensibility. Yet, they can go with anything and their bright colors do a subtle job of livening up a living space.

The avid gardener. As the weather gets chilly, we like to bring flowers inside for viewing. Our kitchens can use the extra glow, and we don’t spend the same amount of time outdoors. These vases give a gardener the perfect excuse to bring blooms indoors.

These Barbara Eigen Handmade Vases & Cachepots are available at Halcyon House Antiques and range in price from $18-$90 per piece. For more information, visit www.halcyonhouseantiques.com.