The Gift: Drone Art Baltimore

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The Gift

What It Is: Drone Art: Baltimore is a first of its kind photography book shot entirely using civilian drone technology. It sounds just slightly scary, but the photos taken by husband and wife aerial photography team Terry & Belinda Kilby are so breathtaking you’ll forget they were done with the use of mini, unmanned helicopters. The book provides a never before seen perspective of Charm City, showcasing iconic landmarks and original subjects in an entirely new light. The pair spent three years learning about drone technology and developing their own style before assembling their body of work into this book. Pretty impressive stuff. Available at Atomic Books. $19.99

It’s Perfect For:

A Housewarming Gift: Particularly for people semi-new to the area, this book provides intriguing perspectives on spots all around the city. It’s inspiration and encouragement to go exploring, and an introduction to some of Baltimore’s most treasured locales. Not only that, its format makes it appropriate as either a coffee table book or simply an addition to any bookshelf.

Photography Buffs: Old school purists may at first scoff at the idea of drone photography, but you can quickly remind them that even 35mm was new and radical at one time. What’s undeniable is that these photographs capture a vantage point that’s never been explored before. Too high and hard to get to for a crane or a ladder, but too close for a plane. And the beauty of the photographs makes it pretty difficult to deny their artistic value.


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