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The Gift: Drone Art Baltimore


The Gift

What It Is: Drone Art: Baltimore is a first of its kind photography book shot entirely using civilian drone technology. It sounds just slightly scary, but the photos taken by husband and wife aerial photography team Terry & Belinda Kilby are so breathtaking you’ll forget they were done with the use of mini, unmanned helicopters. The book provides a never before seen perspective of Charm City, showcasing iconic landmarks and original subjects in an entirely new light. The pair spent three years learning about drone technology and developing their own style before assembling their body of work into this book. Pretty impressive stuff. Available at Atomic Books. $19.99

It’s Perfect For:

A Housewarming Gift: Particularly for people semi-new to the area, this book provides intriguing perspectives on spots all around the city. It’s inspiration and encouragement to go exploring, and an introduction to some of Baltimore’s most treasured locales. Not only that, its format makes it appropriate as either a coffee table book or simply an addition to any bookshelf.

Photography Buffs: Old school purists may at first scoff at the idea of drone photography, but you can quickly remind them that even 35mm was new and radical at one time. What’s undeniable is that these photographs capture a vantage point that’s never been explored before. Too high and hard to get to for a crane or a ladder, but too close for a plane. And the beauty of the photographs makes it pretty difficult to deny their artistic value.


The Gift: Baltimore Coloring Book


The Gift

What It Is: A charming, actual coloring book with art drawn by local artists. The illustrations (which you color in) depict iconic views and scenes from Baltimore, as well as some of our most beloved citizens, past and present. It’s a simple concept, that has been done quite nicely here. And since it’s labeled “Volume 1” we can look forward to Volume 2, once we’ve filled this one in. Available at Atomic Books. $5.95

Who It’s Perfect For:

Kids (or Adults) With A Long Trip Ahead: If any of those extended family members or out of town guests are still lingering around, don’t leave them at the airport or train station without one of these. Coloring of course passes the time, but in this context, it also helps memorialize a visit to Baltimore. Hint: if you’re giving it to adult, you may also want to supply crayons, as most of those we know don’t tend to carry a pack of Crayolas in their briefcase.

Office Waiting Rooms: Of course, this can work particularly well in places like a pediatrician’s office, where there are bound to be antsy kids. But having one somewhere like a real estate office is also a great way of bringing out some of Baltimore’s quirky sensibility, while highlighting the things about this city that we love.




The Gift: Baltimore Beer – A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing


The Gift

What it is: Since Mary Pickersgill sewed Old Glory on the floor of a local brewery, Baltimore has been a beer-drinking town. Rob Kaspar’s definitive history of our love affair with beer starts at the turn of the nineteenth century when German immigrants erected elaborate breweries and leafy beer gardens, and winds through the thirteen awful years of Prohibition. Kaspar goes into the rise of Nattie Boh and Gunther, and ties it all together with interviews, stunning vintage images, and even a few great recipes. Available at Atomic Books. $19.99

Who It’s Perfect For:

Your Homebrewing Friend: We all know one of them. The person who’s lately jumped on the brew-your-own bandwagon. Their shelves now groan with bubbling bottles and carboys– and their living room has a somewhat yeasty aroma of late. But of course, you wouldn’t want to complain, lest you not get to sample the fruits of their labor, right? This volume is perfect for the Baltimorean who wants to brew their own and even take it one step further by knowing about the rich history they’re stepping into.

Dad: Need we say more? Dads like beer. They like to know about stuff. They like to talk about stuff they know while drinking beer. Case closed.

Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing is available at Atomic Books in Hampden. 


The Gift: 1 Page at a Time from Atomic Books



The Gift

What it is: The book 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion by Adam J. Kurtz. Available at Atomic Books. $15.

In 1 Page at a Time, Adam J. Kurtz contends that things are what you make of them. And that (just maybe) our time and creativity could be better put to use by putting down the iPhone (and attendant apps) and picking up a pencil. He proposes 365 prompts, exercises, lists, and activities to get your creative juices flowing. With this little volume, Kurtz has managed to offer us ways to relax and rev up at the same time– to give ourselves some space while filling it.

Who it’s Perfect for:

The Friend Stuck in the Monotonous Job: You know your friend who constantly complains that their job is soooooooo boooooooringggg? Well, surely they’re telling the truth. But if it’s really that bad, maybe it’s time they found stimulating ways to occupy their time while on the clock. Engaging in some non-computer-screen stimulation may be just what they need to get their gears turning toward finding some more satisfying occupation.

The Jet Setter: Perfect for anyone with a long daily commute on the train, or with weekly transcontinental business flights. Kurtz’s book is prefect for those times when you just need to unwind or take your mind off your inbox for some enforced mental diversion.

1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion is available at Atomic Books for $15. On Saturday, October 11th, they’ll be hosting a release party with the author where you can get the book, grab a drink, and draw with the author himself. For more information, visit www.atomicbooks.com.






World Book Night Pre-Party at Atomic Books



catch of the day fish (2)World Book Night Pre-Party at Atomic Books

Those book worms over at Atomic Books in Hampden really know how to party. As participants in World Book Night 2014, they’re hosting a pre-World Book Night  party this evening, to celebrate this latest tradition that helps to spread the joy of reading. World Book Night gets some of the best new books off of the shelves and into the hands of people who usually have little access to books because of means or geography. And with great folks like those at Atomic Books getting on board and hosting the festivities, reading couldn’t look more appealing.

Writers Under the Influence at Atomic Books


Caleb Stine catch of the day fish (2)Poetry always seems to enjoy a little surge in popularity around Valentines Day. And why not? A few well done verses can be all you need to create a total swoon-fest. The poet Pablo Neruda would famously step off of airplanes to throngs of women throwing themselves at him—solely because of his poetry. This week, some of Baltimore’s own will share their lyrics and influences at a special “Love Gone Wrong” installment of Atomic Books’ poetry series. Not your usual Valentines Day fare, for sure—but perhaps just what the heart doctor ordered.

Atomic Books Gets Even More Ecclectic with Insane 3-D Printer

Thankfully, Atomic Books' printer won't make your replica flesh-colored.
Thankfully, at Atomic Books’, your miniature replica won’t be flesh-colored.

Recently, Atomic Books, Hampden’s favorite alt-comics/outsider fiction/etc. shop, began serving alcohol. And now, to further secure their status as an indispensable Baltimore cultural hub, the store has become one of the first in the area to offer customers access to a futuristic 3-D printer.

Atomic Books presents: KILL YR ’90S NIGHT!


Kill Yr 90s Night

catch of the day fish (2)Okay, try to follow our logic on this one. Over a decade ago, Atomic Books started and ran an annual night of music dedicated to reminding us that no matter what our nostalgic impulses said, the music of the 1980s was not really all that great (we beg to differ, but whatever). The event was called “I Hate the ’80s Night!” and featured, ironically, a line-up of local bands playing hits from the 1980s (no doubt proving how great that music really was—but again, whatever) . Well, after five years of hating on the 1980s, the good people of Atomic Books retired the night. After all, as they put it: “it’d be weird to spend a decade hating a decade.” Right. Haters gonna hate—but only for half the decade. Well, here we are, a whole millennium later, and the folks at Atomic Books have decided it’s time to remind us that our now well-worn nostalgia for the 1990’s is also misplaced. So what do we get? Kill Yr 90s Night!

World Book Night Baltimore: “Books Can Only Make People Better”

Jamie Watson reads Jon Green -- all photos by Howard Yang.
Jamie Watson reads Jon Green — photos by Howard Yang.

On Wednesday evening, five Baltimore book lovers shared excerpts from works they’ve adored for some time, novels and nonfiction that landed on the World Book Night reading list for 2013. Afterward, volunteers with Moveable Feast were all set to deliver boxes of great paperbacks to less fortunate Baltimoreans in need of a great read.

Atomic Books Expands, Adds Alcohol!



Who doesn’t love browsing in Hampden, grabbing a beer, and buying a good book? Soon you can do all three in the same cozy establishment — wonderful Atomic Books — though not necessarily in that order.

“Purchases must be made before merchandise is brought into the bar area,” says co-owner Benn Ray. “This isn’t going to be like a library with beer.”

The idea is similar to a bookstore cafe, the bar scheduled to stay open during store hours only.

“But instead of chai and soy lattes, we’ll have beer and wine,” Ray says.

Ray and co-owner/fiancée Rachel Whang will set up bar alongside their well-stocked shop, occupying by early summer 3616 Falls Road, where you may have visited extra-adorable Doubledutch Boutique, which is relocating nearby.

What kind of beer and wine’s on the menu? Those key decisions are in the works. Ray will say that he and Whang love their local beer. In bottles. They’ll serve nice wine, but they are not wine snobs even remotely. They’ll leave the wine expertise to noses around the corner at 13.5%.

Ray Tweeted on Monday that they’d tag the bar Dead Poets Society, which had some locals smirking — his announcement came on April first after all, and the name sounded a few notes too cute for the savvy culture-head. Ray told The Baltimore Sun yesterday that the name was a prank, but the bar will surely happen. Cheers to that!