Who doesn’t love browsing in Hampden, grabbing a beer, and buying a good book? Soon you can do all three in the same cozy establishment — wonderful Atomic Books — though not necessarily in that order.

“Purchases must be made before merchandise is brought into the bar area,” says co-owner Benn Ray. “This isn’t going to be like a library with beer.”

The idea is similar to a bookstore cafe, the bar scheduled to stay open during store hours only.

“But instead of chai and soy lattes, we’ll have beer and wine,” Ray says.

Ray and co-owner/fiancée Rachel Whang will set up bar alongside their well-stocked shop, occupying by early summer 3616 Falls Road, where you may have visited extra-adorable Doubledutch Boutique, which is relocating nearby.

What kind of beer and wine’s on the menu? Those key decisions are in the works. Ray will say that he and Whang love their local beer. In bottles. They’ll serve nice wine, but they are not wine snobs even remotely. They’ll leave the wine expertise to noses around the corner at 13.5%.

Ray Tweeted on Monday that they’d tag the bar Dead Poets Society, which had some locals smirking — his announcement came on April first after all, and the name sounded a few notes too cute for the savvy culture-head. Ray told The Baltimore Sun yesterday that the name was a prank, but the bar will surely happen. Cheers to that!