The Gift

What It Is: A charming, actual coloring book with art drawn by local artists. The illustrations (which you color in) depict iconic views and scenes from Baltimore, as well as some of our most beloved citizens, past and present. It’s a simple concept, that has been done quite nicely here. And since it’s labeled “Volume 1” we can look forward to Volume 2, once we’ve filled this one in. Available at Atomic Books. $5.95

Who It’s Perfect For:

Kids (or Adults) With A Long Trip Ahead: If any of those extended family members or out of town guests are still lingering around, don’t leave them at the airport or train station without one of these. Coloring of course passes the time, but in this context, it also helps memorialize a visit to Baltimore. Hint: if you’re giving it to adult, you may also want to supply crayons, as most of those we know don’t tend to carry a pack of Crayolas in their briefcase.

Office Waiting Rooms: Of course, this can work particularly well in places like a pediatrician’s office, where there are bound to be antsy kids. But having one somewhere like a real estate office is also a great way of bringing out some of Baltimore’s quirky sensibility, while highlighting the things about this city that we love.