The Gift

What It Is: These sweet little towels are 100% cotton and perfect for spring-ing up the kitchen or dining room a bit. They add some Easter-themed flair to any setting, but have enough class and simplicity to counteract whatever neon variety of Peeps may find their way into your Easter celebration. Available at Curiosity. $13.95.

It’s Perfect For:

An Easter Hostess Gift: We love these little towels as a hostess gift because they can easily be used the day of without fear that they’ll clash with your host’s established motifs. And unlike some gifts that are extreme in their holiday imagery, these towels could easily hang in the kitchen and be appreciated well beyond Easter, giving them year round utility.

Accompanying an Easter Basket: Baking scones or muffins to bring to a brunch? Filling a basket with chocolate bunnies? Distributing eggs you’ve lovingly decorated for the occasion? Top it all off by covering your gift with one of these lovely towels. It’ll keep the scones warm and the eggs protected, and it’ll last much longer than those chocolate bunnies.