The Gift: Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm at Trohv

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The Gift

What it is: An absolutely gorgeous compilation of some of the Grimms’ most well-known tales with extraordinary illustrations by a spectrum of artists. This hard cover edition features vintage illustrations from as far back as the 1820s and through the 1950s. It also includes historical notes about the brothers themselves and the most widely read collection of stories in the world after the Bible. Available at Trohv. $39.99

Who it’s perfect for:

Hip, Young Parents: Not every parent of a young child is comfortable with the way their carefully decorated home suddenly becomes cluttered with brightly colored plastic odds and ends as soon as relatives start sending gifts. So if you know a couple who are raising their child exclusively on vinyl recordings of Sesame Street songs and completely sans iPad games, we guarantee you’ll be warmly welcomed with this contribution to the nursery.

Your Graphic Designer Relative: This would make a fabulous holiday gift for anyone with an appreciation for the history of illustration. There has always been some overlap in the worlds of illustration, advertising, and design. And anyone with an eye for visual delights will happily spend hours poring over this treasure.

Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm is available at Trohv (921 W. 36th Street) in Baltimore.


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