The Gift: Orioles Needlepoint Flask

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The Gift

What It Is: A flask adorned with our favorite bird (besides Poe, of course). But this is no low-brow way to hide your liquor. The image is done in perfect needlepoint, giving it an old fashioned class and more than a dash of charm. Not only that, it helps insulate the flask, so your winter warmer stays warm, and your hands don’t freeze when they touch it. Available at The QG. $65.

Who It’s Perfect For:

Potentially Bummed Out Ravens Fans: We’re not calling it yet, but Super Bowl 2015 is still anybody’s game. With the birds being called the dark horse this season, it might be good to have a way to drown your sorrows handy. Figure this way: if we win big, this Orioles flask just looks classy and shows your Baltimore pride. If we don’t do so hot, it’s a reminder that there’s still something to look forward to come spring. Baseball is a whole other game.

Die Hard O’s Fans Heading to Sarasota: Already jealous of your buddy heading to Florida to soak up some sun and catch the spring training games in March? Don’t feel bitter. You’ll get your moment when you’re catching the home games at Camden Yards later this year. In the meantime, look like the gracious friend and send them on their way with the most stylish travel accessory there is.



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