What It Is: A gorgeous cookbook (or, mixology book?) dedicated to the time honored art of the Southern cocktail. Perfect for the warming weather, this charming volume overflows with Southern spirit with classics like the Mint Julep and the Hurricane, but also features new concoctions like the Blueberry Martini and the Peach Mojito. It’s got everything you need to become an expert at the form, including a checklist of bar necessities and recipes for accompanying bites like Devilish Eggs or Sweet and Sassy Pecans. Available at Trohv. $14.95.

Who It’s Perfect For:

The Northern Transplant: Sure, Baltimore is not properly The South. But then, a bowl of grits with your eggs isn’t exactly unheard of here. As the weather warms up, those more accustomed to hearty White Russians and simple whiskey drinks would do well to understand the fine art of mixing a cold drink for hot weather. It’ll help them stay cool personally, and look cool as hosts.

The Gluten-Free: Hear us out on this. One of the first things the newly gluten-free tend to lament is that suddenly they cannot just reach for a beer when they feel like it. Alas. Depending on their level of sensitivity, certain liquors may be off the table too. But not all of them. Learning the fine art of the classy cocktail can be a great way to ensure that a life without gluten doesn’t mean you can never unwind. And since this book is full of creative ideas, the possibilities will suddenly seem endless.