Gilman Named One of Nation’s Top Private Schools by Website

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Gilman School was just named the 45th best private day school in the United States by — the only Baltimore school on the list. (It’s also one of the ten cheapest schools on the list, even though its annual tuition of $26,180 is hardly a bargain.)

While the list’s authors helpfully point out that Gilman was rated one of the top 30 feeder schools to the Ivies by Worth magazine, the write-up is a little short on methodology. Apparently the “best” schools were compiled via an entirely unexplained examination of “academic excellence,” diversity, and “intangible factors.” Well, okay. A little more sleuthing reveals that appears to be a promotional front for online colleges.

Good thing we don’t need some sketchy website to tell us that Gilman is a good school; that was something we already knew.

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