Know any girls who rock, or girls who have always dreamed of rocking, or girls who have the potential to rock? Point them toward Girls Rock Baltimore, a “non-hierarchal, women powered, not for profit rock camp for girls in the Baltimore area” that’s gathering its resources now with hopes of empowering young women by teaching them to rock out.

Similar programs exist nationwide; Portland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, founded in 2001, was the subject of the popular documentary Girls Rock! The Movie, which helped spawn rock camps coast to coast. The camps generally are aimed at girls ages 10 to 16, and provide lessons in drums/guitar/bass, while also encouraging a culture of support and self expression. “When the girls finally take the stage, their adrenaline is going absolutely crazy,” Stacey Singer, founder of Atlanta’s Girls Rock Camp told the New York Times last year. “Even if they’ve been reserved and shy, they lose themselves.”

Girls Rock Baltimore is still in the planning stages. If you’d like to volunteer, donate money or supplies, or know a girl who might be interested, I bet they’d love to hear from you.