The garage, though unsung, is often the hero of the home. It’s the first thing we see when we walk in or leave and has so much potential – so why not embrace it?

“The garage is the most overlooked part of the home, yet it’s the primary entrance to most,” says Lauren McQuaid who, with her husband Keith, owns Granite Garage Floors, a company that outfits garages with great-looking, high-end flooring. McQuaid spends a lot of time checking out garages, so she’s keenly aware of how often the spaces are ignored – and how much those rooms could add to the home with just a little attention and care.

With porous concrete floors collecting dirt, dust, oil stains and hot tire marks, those overlooked spaces often end up downright dirty. To help keep even heavily traveled floors looking nice, Granite Garage Floors uses an epoxy coating to seal clean concrete floors, making them look fresh, sparkly and even better than new.

The process includes several steps, explains McQuaid. “We prep the floor to remove all of those nasty stains and seal all the hairline cracks that have occurred from settling. Then the fun begins! We lay a base coat of solid epoxy, apply a beautiful decorative flake and finish off with a clear coat.”

The final floor is non-porous with an “orange peel” texture, that is easy to clean, durable and guaranteed not to peel.

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Epoxy-coated floors look so great, they help people reevaluate their garages altogether, says McQuaid. “When people begin to see their garages as extensions of their homes, they see the possibilities,” she explains. “Of course, cars look great on the floor they deserve – but the garage can also become a quasi-mud room, a game room for the kids, a man cave or even a dance studio. It’s a sizable portion of your overall square footage – so it shouldn’t be ignored.”

For more information, visit www.granitegaragefloors.com/granite-garage-floors-baltimore/ or call 443-552-4992.

Kit Waskom Pollard is a Baltimore Fishbowl contributing writer. She writes Hot Plate every Friday in the Baltimore Fishbowl.