Glitch in Virginia Caused BWI Flight Cancellations

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Over the weekend, dozens of flights were cancelled at BWI amid a wider flight control issue that also hit Reagan National Airport and Dulles. On Monday, the FAA released details on a software update that looks like it was the reason for the delays.

The total number of impacted flights across all airports in the “Washington, D.C. area” are staggering: 492 delays and 476 cancellations. BWI was operating at about 70 percent traffic compared to a normal Saturday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said a problem with an automation system was the cause. In their quest to figure out what happened, the agency is focusing in on a software update at an air traffic control tower in Leesburg, Virginia. The update was designed to provide new tools for air traffic controllers that monitor high-altitude planes. But the update apparently had a role in causing the automation system to shut down, which led to the flight delays, according to an update posted by FAA. The new tools are currently shut down as the investigation continues.

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