On Saturday, a woman was attacked at a Wal-Mart in southern Baltimore County, with bleach.

Nineteen bystanders were sent to the hospital with bleach-related injuries. Nineteen! The store was then evacuated and shut down for hours. Hours! All because of one woman and a jug of bleach! (I think my keyboard just ran out of exclamation points.)

The suspect (who turned herself in after the incident) followed her intended victim into the store and evidently seized on the opportunity provided by the presence of the weapons-grade cleaning agent. But that’s not all. Like a sadistic Wal-Mart McGyver, she threw ammonia on her victim as well. Did she know that mixing bleach and ammonia creates a poison gas, or did she just get “lucky?”

She also reportedly brought Pine-Sol into the mix at some point. Maybe she found the smell of the ammonia/bleach combination unpleasant and sought to freshen the air with something more citrusy?