Got a Question About Space? Ask the Baltimore Astronaut

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Baltimore native and current International Space Station resident Reid Wiseman is the first astronaut celebrity of the social media age. From his home 200 miles above Earth, Wiseman has been tweeting up a storm, sharing dramatic photos of cities (including Baltimore), and even posting the first-ever Vine from space.

WJZ reporter Mary Bubala recently snagged an interview with Wiseman–she was in Baltimore, while he was in outer space–in which he displays much of the childlike wonder and sense of humor that’s been winning him so many Twitter followers: “You absolutely cannot pick up a camera and take a bad picture from up here. Everything is so incredibly unique. I’ve had a blast doing it and I’m so glad it’s well-received.”

WJZ is soliciting questions for Wiseman from viewers, so if you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to ask an astronaut–what does a sneeze look like in zero-gravity, for example–now’s your chance; send your burning questions for Wiseman to [email protected]

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