Goucher College
Goucher College

College has gotten more and more expensive gradually, and there are lots of reasons to explain the change over time. But at a lot of private schools, the rising cost can be traced to a specific date every year when an announcement comes out that tuition is increasing. This year, Goucher College is putting the brakes on that annual ritual.

Goucher President Jose Antonio Bowen announced on Thursday that the Towson college will not raise tuition. To put a point on it, an announcement dubbed it a “zero percent tuition increase.” It’s the first time in the college’s history — which dates to 1885 — that tuition will not go up.

The school didn’t find a magic benefactor, as far as we know. Bowen’s announcement says the move will cost money, but the college is weighing that against the fact that people won’t actually be able to afford to attend such institutions if the cost keeps rising.

“It is clear that higher education cannot continue with a budget model that relies on annual tuition increases,” Bowen said. “We are only one college, but I am asking our competitors to join us in not raising tuition.”

Bowen is willing to try new approaches, having previously introduced a video application. The latest move will require creative budgeting. It’s also spreading to students where they live. Goucher built a new residence hall, but didn’t charge more money to students looking to live in the latest digs. Bowen said, “…profiting on segregating students is not part of our ideals.”

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Technical.ly Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.