I Too Am Goucher: Students Take a Stand Against Campus Racism

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tumblr_nd5ff8LXgf1u1000jo1_1280Earlier this year, we reported on the I, Too, Am Hopkins website, which was a local take on a national trend in which college students of color take to the internet to share their experiences with racism, prejudice, ignorance, and plain old idiocy. We were happy to see another school take on the trend this month, with I, Too Am Goucher.

As in the other examples of this trend, the photos are both empowering and depressing (people still don’t realize it’s rude to ask if they can touch someone else’s hair!?) . As the blog’s authors note, “Goucher is a pretty liberal institution that attempts be inclusive of all backgrounds. But such a liberal and comfortable environment can make instances of prejudice even more pernicious.”

Let’s hope projects like this keep pushing back at that kind of comfortable prejudice. Below are some more of our favorites from the blog; go here to see the whole collection.tumblr_nd5fx1VNVx1u1000jo1_1280






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