Gov. Martin O’Malley Plays His Banjo on the Street in Annapolis

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Gov. Martin O'Malley

Perhaps preparing for a future where his presidential aspirations go unfulfilled, Gov. Martin O’Malley spent some time on Memorial Day playing his banjo on the street in Annapolis, with his instrument case open, as if inviting tips.

After Eye on Annapolis tweeted the above photo, Gov. O’Malley retweeted it with the message: “I love that as governor of MD I can still play street music in Annapolis.” I don’t totally get what he’s implying there. Is it that he loves, as governor, being able to play on the street without being hassled by police? Or does he find it remarkable that even considering what a celebrity he is, he is able to play his banjo without starstruck Annpolitans constantly interrupting him to ask for his autograph? Or is he just happy his work schedule gives him time to make a little scratch on the side?

Oh well. Expect a lot more of this in the years to come!


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