Grandfather Tries out for Orioles

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Mark Hendrickson is a grandfather. He’s also trying his hardest to play for the Orioles (again).Henrickson, who is 40, is about as young as grandfathers get. He’s also on the old side for professional baseball players. That said, the MLB has been known to keep talented older guys around for a long time; currently, the oldest player in the league is 49. Satchel Page famously treated his time in baseball like a regular old career, retiring just shy of his 60th (!!) birthday.

Hendrickson, who last pitched for the Orioles back in 2011 and is trying to make it back on the roster for the upcoming season, told the Baltimore Sun that he faces two obstacles: his age, and the perception of his age: “Realistically, the biggest hurdle for me is getting past the age factor and getting people who are front-office people to not look at age and say, ‘Well, forget him.’”

Other fun facts about Hendrickson that I learned from the Baltimore Sun: He’s 6’9″ (!!) and played a couple seasons in the NBA (!!!) as well. The Orioles are slated to make a decision about Hendrickson sometime this month.

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